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March 5, 2004 by Photosynthesis
Have you ever had the most awesome crush on someone just to find that they already have a significant other. This just keeps happening to me. And sometimes they act interested right back, but then BLAMMO!! there comes the damn girlfriend. I know this can't be just me. I think my latest crush has a g/f but i'm not totally sure and i don't know how to find out. Dating is just plain horrible, you never know who is available and if they are they are too scared to ask you and then its back to s...
February 3, 2004 by Photosynthesis
Wal*Mart advertises always low prices right? Well, I'm gonna give you the low down on "low" prices. What they do at Wal*Mart is slowly raise the prices it's hard to notice and only associates or exassociates are the only ones fast enough to catch on. Then the holiday season or clearance season rolls around and BAM!!! "We rolling back prices daily!" Unfortunately its back to original price which may still be a little pricey. A good way to get back at Wal*Mart is to ad match. You don't even h...
January 3, 2004 by Photosynthesis
Well, I don't know much about blogging. So I'm just gonna make it up as I go along. If n e one has n e suggestions please let me know. I'm typing in new nails right now so I'm having a difficult time typing, i'm trying to get my errors as I go along.